Social Media Marketing

Product Description: Digital marketing and account management.

  • Commercial account setup.
  • Modifying the account interface: (information, highlights).
  • Content scheduling and boosting.
  • 12-15 Writing content (creative – marketing – educational – interactive).
  • 12-15 posts (two templates) fixed content design.
  • Design for stories as well.
  • Monthly report.

Price: $500


  • Educational posts as carousel (Better) +$100
  • Reels 1-2 +$100
  • Budget of boosting


  • Reels Number 1-2 depending on the complexity of the ideas to market. posts too 12-15.
  • After approval of the design option, modifications to the plan are sent once. The number of modifications to the design is limited. Our goal is marketing and delivering a message that is suitable to you.
  • This offer include 2 platforms (Instagram & Facebook)
  • This is the best publishing strategy for most projects, publishing between day and day, and it is possible to create a special plan for large projects. Or desired platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube, etc.
  • This Page could be updated for new offers and time.
  • Remember: There are several goals of marketing that do not depend on sales only, but rather instill a feeling or achieve an emotional impact on specific customers, regardless of direct sales. It aims to build a long-term relationship with customers and increase brand loyalty.